Filipino Stick Fighting Seminar with Datu Tim Hartman

2012 May seminar 018

Manassas Mixed Martial Arts hosted a seminar on Presas Arnis Concepts this past weekend. The seminar was lead by Datu Tim Hartman. Datu Hartman addressed fundamental disarmings as well as medium to long range stick fighting tactics, conceptes of baiting, counter striking and evasive maneuvering.

What is Modern Arnis?

Modern Arnis is the most recognized of the Filipino martial arts in the world.  This art was founded by the late Grand Master Remy Presas.  One of the characteristics of Filipino martial arts is the use of weapons from the very beginning of training and Modern Arnis is no exception, with the primary weapon being the rattan stick.  Modern Arnis has elements of punching and kicking like most martial arts, but what makes it different  from other styles is the addition of locks, throws, and practical weapon defenses.

Who is Datu Tim Hartman?

Datu Hartman is Grandmaster Presas’ highest tested Black Belt and is one of only six in the world to have earned the title of Datu, meaning cheif or leader.  Datu Hartman is the most visible of GM Presas’ students since his passing and had been instrumental in keeping GM Presas’ vision alive.  In addition to teaching throughout North America, he regularly teaches in Europe (England, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Poland).  For more information on Datu Tim Hartman go to

 2012 May seminar 018

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