Team Dave Trader Jiu-Jitsu competes in US Grappling

DTJJ US Grappling Sub Only

Dave Trader Jiu-Jitsu at US Grappling Sub Only

Manassas Mixed Martial Arts: Team Dave Trader Jiu-Jitsu

US Grappling Sub Only 12/1/12Team Dave Trader Jiu-Jitsu traveled to Richmond, VA this weekend to compete in US Grappling‘s latest submission only tournament.  US Grappling runs a true sub-only formatted tournament.  There are NO POINTS and NO TIME LIMITS – The only way to win is to submit your opponent. So yes, it is possible to fight for over an hour!  Team DTJJ brought two adults and four children down to participate on Saturday.

Khoger Dosky fought in the adult male blue belt division.  Khoger won his first two matches via armbar, advancing him into the semi-finals.  In his semi-finals match Khoger fought hard for over 30 minutes but was caught in the end.  Khoger fought four great matches for a totally time of close to two hours!  Great job Khoger!

Keith Bird made a last minute decision to enter the adult male 30+ white belt division.  With just 4.5 months of training under his belt Keith won his first match after 1 hour and 6 minutes, submitting his opponent with the Americana.  Keith did not place but showed a tremendous amount of heart on Saturday!  Excellent job Keith!

Four members of the also competed, bring home 7 medals.  A full write up on the Kids Jiu-Jitsu Team can be found here.

Congratulations and excellent job to all that traveled to fight on Saturday!  Thank you to everyone who came to watch and support the team as well!